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Renewal of the library with new chairs and tables equipped with electrical outlets for a comfortable study.

Creation of an adequate space for the lunch break at the LITA to accommodate a larger number of students during bad weather and make the canteen tables accessible to everyone, even those who do not use the Ristoservice catering service.



Implementation of an internship review system to collect feedback from students and improve the quality of the training experience.

Introduction of a period of accompaniment with a nursing student to acquire basic clinical skills.



Homogenization of deadlines and block exams with those of other poli didattici to streamline the study path and make academic progression more efficient.

Revision of propaedeutics to simplify the list of exams necessary to take subsequent ones, taking inspiration from the study plans of other poli didattici

Improvement of the Italian exam through the evaluation of teachers and the publication of exam methods to allow students adequate preparation.

Unification of the modules of biochemistry in a single exam in the first year to lighten the study load and make the biochemistry program more coherent.

Abolition of the rule that prevents students from taking an exam before the clerkships are completed to allow better organization of exam sessions over a longer period.



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